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Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS) is a rare inner ear condition that is both invisible and excruciating. Living with SCDS is a confusing and lonely experience, marked by isolation and pain. 

To regain my health, I had to turn inward and listen to my body. Over the course of two years, I learned to care for myself by recognizing my intuition and allowing it to guide me forward. This is a journey of searching for a diagnosis, seeking adequate medical care, conquering fear, and committing to my wellbeing. 

This book is for anyone suffering with SCDS and for the people who love them. It's for anyone experiencing an invisible illness of any kind. And it's for everyone seeking a closer relationship with their intuition. 

...I realized that I was also hearing my eyeballs move. Crunch crunch crunch as my eyes surveyed the world around me, every eye movement resulting in a sound like crunching snow beneath your feet. Walking through a mall with my son, I noticed that the environmental noise of people talking in the wide-open spaces was deafening. I was so overwhelmed by the noise inside, I couldn’t hear my son, walking directly beside me, speaking to me. I was hearing everything and nothing all at the same time. 

I would tell my loved ones these odd symptoms, and their faces would strain with sympathy and bewilderment. I knew they wanted to believe me, but I also knew that I looked perfectly healthy, and I must have sounded insane. Friends and family would try to reassure me with reminders that everyone was struggling and suffering. Between COVID-19 concerns, social isolation, remote work and school, civil and political unrest, and racial injustice in our streets, life was hard for us all, and I knew that was true. Stress levels were at record highs, including my own. But I also knew I was experiencing something else. Something on top of all that. And I was in it alone. No one else could understand. 

Sneak Peek:
An Excerpt from Chapter 1

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